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  • How many times did you want to start something new (relationship, business, adventure) but your confidence wasn’t on board with it?

  • Are your worries and anxiety interfering with your life and business?

  • Are stress and loneliness taking bounce out of your step?




How to attract the most powerful, exciting and authentic relationships in your life… guaranteed!


How to have highly profitable clients magnetized towards your business…. with ease!



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Today my mission is for everyone to have a voice, to find their self worth and live their life to the fullest. Because life is beautiful once you manage to break free from the beliefs that were shaping the past that never worked for you. I have done it and so can you… READ MORE HERE!





Secret Power of Forgiveness

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Bait for bigger fish or growing?

Bait for bigger fish or growing?

At the Rotary meeting today somebody shared great story about a guy in France who caught a koi (aka carp aka goldfi...

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It is not enough to THINK

that you want to change your life, your career, get to the next level or simply have the support that you need – you also need to TAKE ACTION!

Thinking about The next level

is the first step and congratulation for making it! Now take step two: ACTION and REGISTER for the Life Coaching Program that I offer. I will personally work with you to help you achieve the life of your dreams. And YES it is possible to live the life that you dreamed of for so many years. IT IS POSSIBLE!

Benefits of working with Milena

  • Living balanced life and achieving your goals faster
  • Living intentionally with a sense of life purpose and joy
  • Enjoying relationships and feeling of fulfillment in your employment
  • Eliminating fears
  • Learning how to forgive and move on with your life