It is not enough to THINK

It is not enough to THINK

that you want to change your life, your career, get to the next level or simply have the support that you need…

How far did thinking get you? Are you having the results that you desire? Do you know what is holding you back?

Are you willing to let go of limitations and reach for your dream?

Thinking about The next level


What can you do today to get the results you want? Can you imagine the life that you desire? What would it be like to be massively successful and have great realtionships?

SUCCESS if for EVERYONE, including YOU!

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Benefits of working with Milena

BENEFITS of Coaching

  • You will learn how to live balanced life and achieve your goals faster
  • You will increase your income
  • You will create fulfilling and loving relationships
  • Your limitations will disappear
  • Level of your success will be highly increased

Become COMMITTED to YOU and say YES, everything else will be done for YOU!

Milena’s Inspirational Story is found in Entrepreneur Success Stories

Milena Cerin

Milena Cerin

Coach, Speaker, Best Selling Author

    your life!

    Milena is the only coach who uses ancient principles that have been hidden from the public far too long. These principles transform lives for people that want to bring magic into their life and want their dreams to not only be achievable but inevitable, because we live in the time when people are bored of living average lives and want to finally experience a big breakthrough.

    Are you willing to make the change?

    My son’s baseball team won another game in baseball and they are off to the provincial tournament now. I was watching all the teams playing and often there wasn’t much difference between the teams at all, it was just about someone being slightly better than the other. And this small difference was enough to win. Often I would say to my son before the game to visualize the outcome, to see how he hits the ball in desired direction in order to win the game. So, why am I talking about the baseball here? Because rules are the same everywhere. It is about the slight difference that can turn your business from good to great, small improvement that can turn your relationship from good to great… Life really is about small things that create big change.

    Are you willing to put in a bit of extra effort to get your life to where you want it to be?

    Are you willing to work an hour longer, or doing extra things that will turn your business into a massive success?

    Are you willing to let go of the doubt that you can have it all?

    It is all about making decisions and choosing what you want, including choosing that you can become great.

    It really is that simple. All you need to do is choose what you want and then firmly believe in it, without a doubt. Doubt is the only enemy you have. Even a little bit of a doubt that you can have great business, great relationships, great health… will sabotage your success. Make a choice and then BELIEVE! Time will bring it to you much faster than you might think.

    You have to set the direction otherwise there will be no results. Just like I tell my son to visualize the outcome of the game, you have to visualize the outcome as well. When you have a clear vision of achieving your goal and you know without a doubt that this is happening, that’s when you become GREAT in anything you are and in anything you do.

    Go out there today and BELIEVE.

    And if you find that there are still things that are holding you back, then it is time to dig deeper, much deeper… Until you get to your destination!

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